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Own Your Power Workshop

  -  Own Your Power Workshop

Create your personal power jewellery piece from stone medicine.

July 26th ~ 10am - 4pm
with Traditional Feast BBQ at 6pm

Feather Sacred Amulets | Rainbow Medicine

When there’s so much going on in your life, you’re pulled in all directions. Time is running away from you and there seems to be no time left for yourself. Instead of moving faster, feeling like you’re not doing enough, and running yourself into the ground…
now is the time to take time just for you.

Step away from the chaos.

Sacred Feather | Rainbow Medicine

Connect with your inner personal power
through identifying your own power
medicine during a Shamanic Journey.

Select from amulets, elements, beads,
ribbons, fangs, stones, feathers and more.

Create your unique symbolic personal power piece
that will harness the specific healing energy you need.
Grounding your inner power into your life path.

Your personal power piece strengthens you as you
move you forward feeling empowered towards how
you truly want to live or what you want to create in your life.

Feather Sacred | Rainbow Medicine

Workshop Schedule

10.00am ->>> Opening blessing, sacred smudging & grounding meditation in the pit house.

11.00am ->>> Setting up Shaman alter, medicine wheel and introduction to stone medicine,

11.45am ->>> Short nature walk of indigenous plants and drumming song

12.15  ->>> Lunch

1pm ->>>  Begin personal power journey with medicine card
1.30 pm ->>> Lead on Shamanic drumming journey

2.00 pm ->>> Build your personal power piece

3.30 pm ->>> Initiation with your personal power piece and closing ceremony

6.00 pm ->>> Regroup again for traditional feast BBQ at 6pm

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Sacred Amulets | Rainbow Medicine

The Own Your Power workshop will provide you with:
->>> self empowerment
->>> connection to your inner power
->>> connection to earth’s healing energy
->>> grounding your power into a signature sacred piece of jewellery-
->>> strengthen self belief
->>> balance and harmony in every day life
->>> creative outlet to manifest your desires in an empowering, lasting way

Reclaim your power

through your creativity, purpose & intuition!

Join us on July 26th to create your personal power piece, shamanic journeying and experience our native cultural center like never before!
Secure your spot today (spaces limited):