Shamanic ApprenticeshipShamanic Apprenticeship

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Are you ready to stand in acceptance of self?


It’s time to appreciate the journey of how you got here.

You belong here.

The program is designed to understand what it takes to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself and connection with your spirit allies so that you can help those who you serve.

It’s a commitment to your union with yourself as a healer, to the spirit world and to humanity.

You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot to work in this realm.
It’s not child’s play, Shamanic Teachings come with huge responsibility.

The program is also here to help you reclaim confidence in yourself when you feel like you’re swimming upstream.

  • remembering
  • commitment to self
  • communion with spirit allies
  • holding ceremony
  • honouring respecting body, mind and spirit

Our healers need new tools now

How do you function in this world as YOU?
Who are you as a healer?
How do you stay grounded when connected to a higher power
How do you stop the disconnect with those closet to you
How do you stand in your power
How do you engage more and in new ways in your community


Join me, Rainbow Medicine Women (Debra Lee Hillary) a 6th Generation Shaman with Celtic and Native ancestors, in walking the Medicine Wheel to facilitate your own self healing and self empowerment. My heritage enables me to draw on my roots to connect with the land, it’s people, animals and spirits. When you connect to your ancestors and see yourself in a natural, truthful way – you receive the perfect gifts, information and healing to walk your path with confidence and clarity.

Your path that is awaiting you to step into with greater clarity and strength


I’m excited to share this intensive 14 week Shamanic Apprentice Program with you so that you can firstly connect and heal yourself and have a broader, shamanic toolbox for helping others. This is an Earth based tradition based on First Nations Teachings and Medicine Tools from this land.

Through your participation in this 14 week Apprenticeship, you are initiating a new positive beginning into the Rainbow frequency.

Connection back to source,
connecting to creator,
connecting to nature, to all that is,
which connects you back to yourself.

This is a gentle approach to healing
Very grounding.
Very real.

It’s about using what you already have within you.

It’s realising that you can go deeper, that you can access the hurt, the self doubt and release them, so that you can live your most empowered life, feeling more positive and more supported.

This is a safe, sacred space to let go, honour yourself, & explore deeper avenues to to your true self

As you walk the Medicine Wheel with Rainbow and as your learn to help others to walk the Medicine Wheel, you are able to

  • let go of the old and negative patterns that are holding you back in your life
  • feel more balanced, calm, centred within
  • make better decisions, have more mental clarity
  • feel connected to support
  • feel more settled in your nervous system
  • use new tools to cope and navigate struggles and issues.

Outline of first 7 weeks of the Intensive Shamanic Apprenticeship

Week 1: Connection to true self-Connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Standing in the middle of the Medicine Wheel walking all 4 Directions: In Nature and in the field-connect to all 4 elements, Animals, Plants, Crystal Medicine and Spirit guides.
Week 2: Gathering of Medicine tools and Shamanic Altar set up, practice with your Medicine.
Week 3: Honour Mother Earth in Ceremony with Despacho offering. Learn how to hold space for others, learn how to protect your energy and grounding exercise, open and close circle for ceremonies.
Week 4: Learn how to Shamanic journey with Drum and Rattle medicine, learn about the Upper, Middle and Lower worlds.
Week 5: Learn how to commit to self and release any fears, blocks traumas and negative programming DNA. Re-set your self in Balance and harmony, Live a new existence. Joyful and calm and more regulated.
Week 6: Develop or re-establish your Spirit Allies. Learn to work with them and develop your gifts and intuition.
Week 7: Develop hands on Intuitive healing modality, Clear Negative Energy, Practice Laying-on-stones, Clear with Pant Medicine and step into the Shamanic Way of Life.

The first 7 weeks will be hands on with Rainbow in group setting meeting once a week and receiving homework for the week.

We will take a one-week break to integrate the teachings and then resume to our Practical portion of another 7 weeks working with a client and weekly group sessions on video chat. You will be Initiated with a Sweat Lodge ceremony and then receive your Certificate. In total there will be approx. 200 hrs.

This course will require a firm commitment to becoming a Shamanic Practitioner. Payment arrangements can be made with Rainbow in advance. Full payment is needed to begin course.

You are powerful beyond measure. You are here for a greater purpose.

When you’re ready to…

develop your Shamanic healing practices

deepen connection with spirit allies

commit to the Shaman within you

Reserve your place on the Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Follow the link to make the payment. You will be sent an email to register for the the program.